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The Dingman Collection
Preview June 8th, Auction June 9th & 10th 
Hampton, New Hampshire

You guys, I want to buy ALL THE SIGNS. Can someone give me the money and a warehouse to put them in? The first half of this video is Michael Dingman talking a bit about his collection of signs, which are largely transportation related, though they also include motels, gas stations, restaurants, etc. (In the second half he talks about his collection of antique cars.) An incredible, beautiful set of signs. There are over 1,400 for sale. I hope at least a couple end up in a museum or somewhere they can be seen.

Apparently earlier this year more of his signs were sold. So many signs.

PS: When I was looking for info about the sale, I came across this (unrelated) amazing neon-covered truck. Cool!

Neon Museum, Las Vegas


Ever wonder what happens to all those neon signs that line the Las Vegas Strip when they’re taken down? They end up at the Neon Museum! The Neon Museum is a non-profit in Las Vegas dedicating to preserving Las Vegas’s iconic art form, and it’s a must-visit spot for great Instagram photos!

Photos by @logos728, @sv1, @40_in, @karaannbanana, @petitserif, @rockstarmomlv, @labeaufrand, @alphabetarm, @cshimala, @robgwilson, @toomuchfire, @apocryphanow, @mygulrealsun & @li150girl.

Great to see photos of several of my sign-loving Instagram buddies — Sharlynn (@ sv1), Tita (@labeaufrand), and Corey (@toomuchfire) — included here.