Call for Submissions: What’s Your Favorite Tumblr?


At, we’re working on a guide to the best Tumblrs out there. But we want to know what you think first.

What Tumblr can’t you live without? (Aside from ours, of course.) Whether it’s news, photography, design or just cat videos, we want to know what you follow — and why. 

Reply to this post (and include the URL) with your picks. We’ll mark popular suggestions as “Readers’ Choice” in our final list, which should come out by the end of January.

I nominate, the extra-awesome group Tumblr — founded and led by Rob Walker — that highlights creative reuse and mindful consumption. Some background information and buzz about Unconsumption can be found here and here. (Disclosure: I contribute to the Unconsumption Tumblr.)

I don’t see a way to reply to this post other than to reblog it, so I’m doing just that. Thanks, TIME! So glad you’re in the Tumblr-hood.

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